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Content Management System (CMS) Features and Functions

Content management system (CMS) features and functions help manage internal corporate documentation and information, Web site content, and group collaboration. Typical content management system features and functions include tools for content. To find the best content management system for your business, it's important to understand which features and functions you need before you compare content management solutions.

Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM)

Content management systems enable management of web site content, internal corporate documentation and information, and group collaboration. This Enterprise Content Management (ECM) knowledge base covers requirements for content authoring, workflow, presentation, asset management, reporting, backup, and other criteria for content management processes.

Learning Management Suite

The Learning Management Knowledge Base will help you select learning content and management systems. It covers the required tools for effective training, e-learning and virtual classroom, course management, competency management, and other criteria.

Web Content Management Systems

Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet), or private web sites (intranet or extranet). Use a WCM solution to organize and manage documents; provide content version control, collaboration utilities, and user or document level security.

Document Management Systems

Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates important information about the documents, to the documents (known as metadata). Most systems provide workflow engines to design and support document creation, publication, and usage. DMS solutions are often used by insurance and health care industries, government bodies, or other organizations processing high volumes of documents.


CMS is available in different editions. Determine which of these models will cover your content management needs.



Server Platform

CMS is designed to operate on the Microsoft Windows Server operating system.

 Web Server

CMS leverages Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 as its web server technology for Web Services, the Titan CMS Workstation (content administration interface), and the primary website application.

User Authentication

CMS utilizes Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (AD/AM) to store user accounts and to perform user authentication. As a result, Titan CMS benefits from the built-in capabilities of AD/AM to ability to inherit its security model from Active Directory Domain Policy, including password length and complexity requirements.

In addition, CMS provides development interfaces for extending authentication to other Directory Service systems, including Novell eDirectory, Netscape LDAP, and Microsoft Active Directory.

Application Framework

CMS is developed on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.

Recent versions of CMS, are enabled to utilize the built-in AJAX support of .NET This gives custom component developers the flexibility to utilize the latest development technologies in the .NET Framework.


C#, JavaScript, CSS, XML


System Requirements

Dedicated vs. Shared Servers

CMS  peacefully co-exists with other applications on a shared server. If you expect a lot of traffic, a dedicated server is suggested.

If you plan to host CMS internally on your company's existing hardware, you are free to use these server(s) for any other purpose. Of course, dedicated servers are always best, but it is not a requirement.

Software for All configurations

•Microsoft Windows 2003 or Higher

•Microsoft IIS

•Microsoft .Net Framework 2

Single Server Configuration

Web and Application Server

•2 processors - 2.0 GHz or higher


•1 RAID5 disk arrays 36G or greater.

•Standard network interface cards supported




When a page, file, or event has Auditing enabled, CMS tracks the page view statistics for that item. Those statistics are aggregated and presented to give basic details on traffic to that content.

Third Party Tools

CMS integrates seamlessly with third party traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics.


In the application, a search box and Advanced Search option make it possible to get to the items you're interested in quickly. Advanced search exposes all the additional properties of your content as searchable fields to help you aggregate the items that you need to modify.



Users and Groups

Titan CMS supports an unlimited number of Users and Groups, which are commonly used to administer both secured access to content on the website and for Workstation access to author and edit content. Titan CMS provides several demographical fields for a user and these values can be leveraged on the website to render personalized content.

Content Authorization

CMS controls user authorization to for every page, file, or event. Access to content can be locked-down to specific groups or categories of Titan CMS users. Authorization to secured or targeted content is granted using ASP.NET Forms Authentication and a built-in Titan CMS Login form.

Granular user permissions allow technology professionals to control not only the pages that each user can access, but also the features accessible to them.


CMS Modules:


  • Unlimited Pages

  • Full Content Management

  • Multi Language (Support more than 27 Language)

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • User Friendly Interface

  • Easy Install

  • Powerful

  • Features-rich and wide range of modules

  • XML Based

  • .Net Technology

  • Style-Sheets (CSS) Management

  • On-screen website editing

  • Google Analytics statistical tracking

  • Versions Tracking

  • Contacts Form

  • Coming Soon Page Management

  • Backup and Restore

  • Help and Support Center

  • Reports



  • Pages and Content Management

  • Internal and External Pages Linking

  • Page editing system with HTML Editor

  • Related Pages Module

  • Groups and User Management

  • Top/Side/ bottom Menu Management

  • Templates Management

  • Intro Management

  • Website Background Music Management

  • Special Scripts Management

  • Layout Design and Template Management

  • Upload Management

  • Visitors Counter

  • Pages Counter

  • Print This Page Module

  • Add to Favorites Module

  • Copyrights Management

  • Administrator Module




  • Products and categories Management

  • Featured Products Module

  • Photos Galleries Management

  • Tell a Friend Module

  • Search Module

  • News Module

  • Hot News Module

  • Calendar Module

  • Calendar Coming Events Module

  • References Module

  • Sponsors Module

  • Surveys Module

  • Articles Module

  • eNewsletter / eMagazine  Module

  • E-mail auto responders

  • Advertisement Banners Module

  • Advertisement Zone  Module

  • Subscriber Management Tools Module



  • Users Registration Module

  • Password Restricted Module




  • E-commerce shopping cart  Module

  • Order Form Module



  • Face book

  • Twitter

  • RSS feed option

  • Blogs

  • You Tube



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