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System Administration Module:

CRM Administration module allow you to administrate the whole system starting from the contact types up to creating survey forms with a fully flexibility and user friendly interface, through the administration module you could:
* Administrate Branches Schema
-Branch Name
-Branch Code
-Branch Address
-Branch Contacts (Tel, Fax, Email, etc .)

* Administrate Employees and Users Schema
The information will be stored in the system with a specific permissions as the user enter, so the employees will defined in the ,,,
-Employees (has no access to the system)
-Users (whom could access the system with specific permissions)
Where the user could see his own data related to his branch, and with the specific permissions such as (Search, Add, Update, Delete )

* Administrate Customer Information Schema
The administrator will have the ability to add/update/delete any field to the customer schema to be filled by user

* Administrate Survey Forms
Within this module you will be able to Manage:
-Survey Name
Which allow Administrator to add a name for the new generated survey
-Survey Question Types
-Radio Buttons
Which allow users to choose one answer only from the available choices
-Check Boxes
Which allow users to choose Multi answers from the available choices
Which allow users to write a free text as an answer
-Survey Questions
Which enable creating the questions with their available answers within the specified type as shown above (Radio buttons, Check Box, or text)

System User Module:
This module allows users to use the Schema created by the administrator with the next features:
Handling Customer and contact Information
This module will handle adding, updating and deleting the customer information, mean while the customer fields will be dynamic to let you add any extra fields (by the administrator) for the later after the system get in production environment without needs to drop all the pre-entered data
The system will come with basic customer fields and you will be able to add any extra fields later on even in the production environment.

The basic Customer fields will be:
-First Name, Last Name , Date of Birth
Every customer will be assigned to a zone, and each zone will be defined under city, and each city will be under a country, which enable you to classify the customers regarding to their Zone/City/Country
The system support adding multiple contacts for each customer as (telephone and fax numbers or even email address)
The system will automatically deny adding same contact number for different customers
-Customer Type (Such as individual / Reseller / Potential Customer, etc ..)
-Responsible Sales Person
Will map the customer to a sales person whom has direct connection with him to manage the follow up calls and the customer relation later on
To link the customer with the branch which communicate with him, and this will enable the user to sort the customers per branch
-Extra Fields will be added (by Administrator Module) to enhance the customer relations such as (Mirage date, etc )
-Handling Calls
The system will handle incoming calls to save log for the incoming calls from the pre saved customers
-Handle the follow up calls
-Manage opened calls
-Manage close calls
-Filling Customer Survey Forms
In this part of the system, the user will have the ability to choose a survey form which set by the administrator and fill it to a specific customer, each customer could has different surveys to be filled , or fill a survey many times on different periods

4) CRM-Statistics and Reporting:

This module Track history of all communications with contacts and allow users whom have permissions to that feature could get and print a survey/Statistics report upon search criteria in numbers, percentage and graph charts such as getting a report of specific survey for:
-All branches or each branch
-All Sales Persons or Specific Person
-All Customers or Specific Customer

This will be by:
-Selection by Flexible Criteria
-Filter records by any combination of fields including names, telephone numbers, email, location, and user fields.

CRM Sender Module:

This module help user to easily communicate with his customers in the customers important events such as birthdays, or in the annual/official events such as Feasts. And through this module the user will be able to :

-Send personalized messages via mail, e-mail and fax. Print mailing labels
and envelopes. For email, choose between plain-text and HTML (with
Different fonts and pictures) format.
-Track individuals' communications preferences and distribute information
in accordance with them.
-Use flexible criteria to construct distribution lists
-System automatically tracks all outgoing communications on the database

Reminders and Schedule

-Add/Update/Delete Reminders
-Choose recurrence of the reminder (Once/Weekly/Monthly/Annual)
-Classify the reminder (Ex: Birth of date, Mirage Date, etc )
-Set action to be taken when reminder time is reach
-Send message box to the owner / All users
-Send message over the network
-Send email to a customer (if the Mailing Module is exist)



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